Crestone Peak - Erie Acme Pad

May 15, 2022 - Acme Pad Update

The Town of Erie referred an Oil and Gas Permit Application to Broomfield for review of the Crestone application for the Acme Pad. The Acme Pad is north of the Anthem Ranch neighborhood and Highway 7. Broomfield staff reviewed the applications and submitted the comments. Thirty wells are proposed for the Acme Pad.

On May 20, 2018 the COGCC formally vacated the spacing application from Crestone Peak Resources related to the proposed Acme Pad (Order 407-2449) in Weld County but proximate to Broomfield.

The COGCC reopened the comment period on the Acme Pad and extended it to Sept. 27, 2019. On Sept. 26, 2019, Broomfield filed additional comments including the request for a hearing for Broomfield and its citizens prior to approving the permits, request that the COGCC consider the implications of approving another large scale oil and gas facility in proximity to Broomfield residents, and requesting additional conditions be placed on the COGCC permits that include conditions for COGCC enforcement that include:

  • Electric Drill Rigs,
  • Tier 4 engines for the hydraulic fracturing process,
  • Use of Neoflo synthetic drilling mud,
  • Use of lay flat pipe to transport water to the pad for drilling and hydraulic fracturing operations,
  • Continuous air and noise monitoring, with results provided to Broomfield, Erie, COGCC and the Colorado Department of Health and Environment,
  • Permanent pipelines for the removal of all oil, gas and produced water from the Acme Pad. 
  • An emergency management plan that considers emergency response and evacuation for Broomfield neighborhoods and schools,
  • Broomfield approval of a traffic plan that includes a prohibition against heavy truck traffic during peak traffic hours,
  • Payment by operator of Broomfield’s costs associated with the Acme Pad, like costs associated with emergency response, air monitoring, and other associated impacts from the proposed development; and
  • Other best management practices.

Effective Oct. 30, 2019, the COGCC has placed the Acme Pad applications in a delayed status.  According to COGCC staff, "delayed" status for a pending permit application means that a decision will not be issued on the permit application until either:

  1. The initial required set of rulemakings are completed;
  2. Unless something changes with regard to the permit application, for example, such as newly proposed best management practices or additional Conditions of Approval (imposed by the COGCC), or both, that are more protective of public health, safety, welfare, the environment, or wildlife resources.

A new spacing application and location assessment, subject to the provisions of Senate Bill 181, would have to be submitted by the operator and processed by the COGCC to be able to proceed. Oil & Gas staff will remain engaged on this issue should the status of this proposed project change.