Lowell and Sheridan Intersection Turn Lanes Project

Construction is complete!  The turn lane improvements along Lowell Boulevard opened to traffic on October 2, 2018 and Sheridan’s improvements were fully opened the following week.  


The intersection currently experiences traffic congestion, particularly during peak hours.  The Anthem developers installed the existing traffic signal in 2016 and provided right of way for the future expansion of the intersection.

The Lowell and Sheridan Intersection Turn Lanes project will provide vehicular, bicycle, and pedestrian improvements.  Currently, Lowell Boulevard does not have turn lanes at the intersection of Sheridan Parkway. Right and left turn lanes will be added to northbound and southbound Lowell Boulevard.  An additional left turn lane will be striped in northbound/eastbound Sheridan Parkway to provide two turn lanes for vehicles turning onto northbound Lowell Boulevard. Southbound/westbound Sheridan’s existing left turn lane to southbound Lowell Boulevard will be lengthened to provide additional capacity.

The bicycle and pedestrian improvements include a six-foot wide bike lane that will be constructed for north and south bound Lowell Boulevard for the length of the widening portion of the project, and an eight-foot wide sidewalk will be installed on the west side of Lowell Boulevard from Sheridan Parkway north, across the Northwest Parkway, connecting to existing sidewalk at Anthem. 

In addition, the four handicap ramps at Sheridan Parkway and Lowell Boulevard will be upgraded to current ADA standards.  All of the roadway striping will be refreshed in the area of the project, including pedestrian crosswalks.

Sheridan and Lowell Intersection