Open Space and Trails Volunteer Positions

To sign up to volunteer for open space and trails projects, see Volunteer Hub.

Coyote Crew

Assist Coyote Crew members in educating community members on how to coexist with coyotes and respond to situations involving coyote interactions with people. Training is required to participate.

Eagle Watch

Monitor and record the status of the eagle nest within Broomfield Open Space. Observations of the eagles and their nest are made daily during the sensitive egg laying and incubating season (February and March), in order to support the conservation of these magnificent birds.


Assist the Open Space and Trails team to host events such as Bike to Work Day, Kids’ Fishing Derby, National Trails Day, along with other community events, all of which promote the conservation of shared Open Space properties and trail networks in Broomfield.

Nature Program

Deliver hands-on programs to a variety of ages, but mostly to preschoolers and their parents, through the Broomfield Nature Program. Volunteers should be comfortable with this age group, but will not be expected to deliver programs by themselves right away. New volunteers will a shadow veteran Broomfield Naturalist and assist with group management and program delivery to start.

Wildlife Masters

Answer questions about wildlife through the Broomfield Wildlife Masters program. Inform and inspire residents to live alongside wildlife, using non-lethal safety, expulsion, and exclusion techniques. Wildlife Masters work from home to retrieve and respond to messages left on a voicemail server.

For a list of current volunteer opportunities, please visit Recruiting Volunteers Now! page.  For questions, email Please refer to the Volunteer Expectations document for a complete list of volunteer expectations.

Other Volunteer Opportunities Outside the City and County of Broomfield

Broomfield Open Space Foundation

Protect, enhance, and promote the enjoyment of Broomfield's open space, trails, and wildlife through the Broomfield Open Space Foundation. Assist with the Kids' Fishing Derby, Metzger Open Space clean-up, spring planting, weed eradication; and many other opportunities! Contact for more information.

Urban Prairies Project

Restore more habitat in urban and suburban parts of our state for pollinators and other wildlife through the Urban Prairies Project, which is a collaboration among Butterfly Pavilion, City and County of Broomfield, City of Westminster, Broomfield Open Space Foundation and Denver Botanic Gardens. To learn more, contact Amy Yarger at 720-974-1874 or Or visit Butterfly Pavilion.

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