Inspection & Monitoring

  1. Resources & Testing
  2. Plugging & Abandonment

Soil Gas Testing

The City and County of Broomfield has established a soil gas screening program to conduct assessments of plugged and abandoned oil and gas wells within the City limits for the health and safety of residents. The purpose of the assessments is to investigate well plug integrity by screening surrounding soils for methane gas. A summary of results is provided to property owners upon completion of screening activities.

Broomfield’s Process 

The city’s goal is to develop strategy and legally permissible tools that best reflect Broomfield’s community values. In order to accomplish the best outcome, Broomfield will work with the community as well as work with any current operators in the city and CECMC. Staff will also utilize resources available through Colorado Higher Education Resources and research other Colorado community efforts to understand lessons they have learned. Staff has prepared a matrix that incorporates regulatory activities and outlines MOU requirements from other front range communities.

A summary has been prepared by the City and County Attorney’s office regarding the legal issues that have been raised from the requests of concerned residents. The City and County Attorney advises that voluntary agreements among participants are legal and that adopting drilling and operational regulations that go beyond state regulations have a relatively low probability of withstanding legal challenge.

Oil and Gas Information and Resources

Oil and gas drilling and production is a broad and complex issue. Below are a few resources that may be useful: