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Extraction Oil and Gas, Inc.

Resolution 2017-186 - Extraction Oil and Gas Operator Agreement

Timeline of Extraction Activities (updated Jan. 2, 2020 )

Proposed Truck Route Map - Extraction Well Sites

Proposed Access Road and Pipeline Map - Extraction Well Sites

Extraction Comprehensive Drilling Plan

Extraction State Permits

Extraction Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) Sheets - by phase

Extraction's 2020 Emergency Response Plan 

Broomfield's 2018 Risk Assessment of the Extraction Oil and Gas Well Pads

View the Broomfield 2020 COVID-19 Hazard Identification (HAZID) Amendment to the 2018 Risk Assessment. The objective of the amendment was to update the HAZID study to assess the additional risks of COVID-19 to the various drilling and completions activities associated with the well pads owned and operated by Extraction Oil and Gas.