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Extraction Oil and Gas, Inc.

Resolution 2017-186 - Extraction Oil and Gas Operator Agreement
Timeline of Extraction Activities (updated Jan. 2, 2020 )
Proposed Truck Route Map - Extraction Well Sites
Proposed Access Road and Pipeline Map - Extraction Well Sites
Extraction Comprehensive Drilling Plan
Extraction State Permits
Extraction Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) Sheets - by phase
Extraction's 2020 Emergency Response Plan 
Broomfield's 2018 Risk Assessment of the Extraction Oil and Gas Well Pads
  • The Broomfield 2020 COVID-19 Hazard Identification (HAZID) Amendment to the 2018 Risk Assessment can be viewed here.  The objective of the amendment was to update the HAZID study to assess the additional risks of COVID-19 to the various drilling and completions activities associated with the well pads owned and operated by Extraction Oil and Gas.