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Resolution 2017-186 - Extraction Oil and Gas Operator Agreement

Timeline of Extraction Activities (updated Jan. 2, 2020 )
Proposed Truck Route Map - Extraction Well Sites
Proposed Access Road and Pipeline Map - Extraction Well Sites
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Extraction Oil and Gas Project Schedule (What does Oil and Gas Development Look Like?)
Extraction Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) Sheets - by phase

Extraction Oil & Gas Proposal

       2-27-18 - Stromberger COGCC Form 22 Subsequent Notice - Read the Accident Report for the Stromberger event.

    02-21-18 City and County Manager Charles Ozaki made the following request of COGCC Director Director Matt Lapore, on February 21st.   This message will be updated when a response from Director Lapore is received. 
    If the public hearing comment period is not extended by Director Lepore, Broomfield will submit its comments to the COGCC by February 24th.
    Broomfield is respectfully requesting that the comment period remain open for all Extraction permits currently pending or deemed completed by the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC).  To the extent that COGCC has indicated that it plans to consider all permits for wells being drilled in Broomfield at a COGCC meeting, Broomfield requests that such permits be heard no earlier than COGCC's April 2018 meeting date. As background, on October 24, 2017, 

    Extraction and Broomfield entered into an Amended and Restated Operator Agreement (Agreement).  Section 9 of the Agreement provides that the Extraction must submit a “Comprehensive Drilling Plan and Application” to Broomfield for such new wells or well sites (Plan).  Per the Agreement, that Plan is subject to the review and must be approved by the City.

    Broomfield has and continues to work diligently with Extraction on the Plan, through weekly meetings and communications. Broomfield has not yet approved the Plan, and we are communicating with Extraction regarding issues with the Plan in a timely and reasonable manner. The COGCC spacing orders for these spacing units indicate that any Permits for the wells within these spacing units must "comport with the Agreement". The approved Plan will inform Broomfield's comments on the Permits and for this reason, while we continue to work diligently with Extraction to finalize the Plan, we ask that the comment period be held open past February 24th.

    Extraction's schedule for plugging and abandoning wells can be  viewed here.

           The 301 Committee made a presentation at the 2/6/18 Study Session.  
              View video of the presentation.