FPPA - Fire & Police Pension Association of Colorado

The FPPA was established January 1, 1980, and administers a statewide multiple-employer public employee retirement system providing defined benefit plan coverage (the Statewide Defined Benefit Plan) as well as death and disability coverage (the Statewide Death and Disability Plan) for police officers and firefighters throughout the state of Colorado.  The FPPA is not related to, nor in any connection with, the State’s PERA pension program. Note: This plan is mandatory for sworn employees hired June 20, 2018 or later. 

FPPA Statewide Defined Benefit Plan Contribution Rates for Sworn Police Employees

New Hires (hired June 20, 2018 or later):

Effective January 1 of Year
Mandatory Member Contribution
Mandatory Employer ContributionTotal Combined Member and Employer Contribution
202212% Base Pay Pre-Tax9.00%21.00%
202312% Base Pay Pre-Tax9.50%21.50%
202412% Base Pay Pre-Tax10.00%22.00%
202512% Base Pay Pre-Tax10.50%22.50%
202612% Base Pay Pre-Tax11.00%23.00%
202712% Base Pay Pre-Tax11.50%23.50%
202812% Base Pay Pre-Tax12.00%24.00%
202912% Base Pay Pre-Tax12.50%24.50%
203012% Base Pay Pre-Tax13.00%25.00%

Re-Entry (Existing) Employees (hired prior to June 20, 2018):

Effective January 1 of Year
FPPA Statewide Defined Benefit Plan
FPPA Hybrid Defined Benefit & Money Purchase Plan
FPPA Money Purchase Plan Only
Employer Contribution
2022 and beyond
10% Base Pay Pre-Tax
plus 4% Base Pay After-Tax
10% Base Pay Pre-Tax
Voluntary After-Tax
10% Base Pay Pre-Tax
Voluntary After-Tax

Purchase Service Credits

Need to purchase additional service credits with your DC 457 funds?

Complete this form DC 457 Purchase of Service Credits Transfer Request and follow the instructions found in section F, "Where should I send this form".  Please note, you will also need to include the Notification of Eligibility/Acceptance letter when submitting this form.

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