Controlling Your Home

Yes, it's great to have control over what goes on and what goes off in your home. And being able to start that roast in the oven while you're on the way home from work is so convenient! But has someone else started to cook it before you did?
 ElectronicDoorLocks Give the kids a number instead of a key. That avoids keys going missing. But who else has the number? And if you can unlock the lock from your cell phone, so can someone else.
 Outlets Outlets can be tied to a home control system that can be connected to the Internet. So on the way home you can turn on lights from your cell phone…anyone who can get into your home network could do the same. Lights coming on at 3 a.m. or going off at odd times? Who could be behind that?
 GarageDoorCheck It can be really handy to open and close your garage door from the Internet or just check to see if it’s opened or closed.

Do you know who else can?
 SmartThermostat Do you have a smart thermostat keeping your house nice and cozy that you can adjust with your smart phone? Someone else may also be able to change the temperature of your home from anywhere you aren't!
 LawnSprinklers Your lawn sprinkler system is controlled by a timer, perhaps it even has a computer that is tied into your home network so that it can be turned on and off at will…from anywhere in the world!
 FireplaceControl Ahhhhhh...what could be better than being able to turn on your fireplace from the comfort of your favorite chair or from your bed when you turn off the lights to go to sleep. What if someone was able to do it for you...without your knowledge or permission?