Electronic Snooping

Who Else Could Control Your Home From the Internet and How?

 RouterPassword Who set up your Router? They are probably the only one who set the password for the router. That entitles the person to program the router which includes being able to change the Wi-Fi password and allow or disallow smart phones, tablets, or computers to connect to the Wi-Fi service. Sometimes no one set up the password so the default password will be printed on a label on the bottom of the router. You NEVER want to use the default password as they are well-known to anyone who has access to the web as there are numerous websites that publish the passwords for any and all routers.
 WiFiPasswordAfter The second most important password to set in the router is the Wi-Fi password. This password is the one that you program into smart phones, tablets, and computers. It allows you and your family to access the Wi-Fi service which is used to connect to the Internet.
 DriveByIllustration Drive-by's are not just related to violent crimes! Anyone driving by your house could connect to your home's Wi-Fi. That's why it's so important that you set up your router's password and the Wi-Fi password to something other than the default passwords that came with the router. Who might have your Wi-Fi and router passwords? 
  • Someone who is cyberstalking you
  • Someone who used to live with you
  • the neighborhood geek whom the stalker has employed
Thus it is critically important you change those passwords!
 HomemadeAntenna Those "family-size" cans of veggies aren't useful just for putting food on the table. They can also be used by a neighbor for building a simple and cheap antenna for stealing your Wi-Fi service or breaking into your Wi-Fi service and then breaking into your electronics that's connected to the Wi-Fi service.
 TheInternetOfThings Everyone's "smart home" services are referred together as the "Internet Of Things" or "IOT". How secure these gadgets are varies between the different manufacturers. Your best defense against someone turning on your IOT devices or changing their programming is to change your router and Wi-Fi passwords using a combination of letters and numbers but never to something familiar to you or your family.