If It Happens

 BPD_Badge REPORT any unusual activity in your neighborhood to the Broomfield Police Department by calling the non-emergency number 303.438.6400. Of course, if you feel that you or your family might be in imminent danger call 911.
 ScreenCaptureiPhoneAndroid If you're being cyberstalked on your cell phone keep a copy of any message or image that could serve as proof.

Here's how to make a screen capture on an iPhone. Here's how to do it on an Android phone.
 FormerFriend Be wary of visitors who used to live with you or used to visit. If they cannot be fully trusted, they could access your computer or tablet and change setups on your router to give them access when they leave your home. Protect your laptop, desktop, tablet, and phone by requiring a password to access its apps.
 WiFi_Icon Change your Wi-Fi password after someone moves out or with whom you have ended a relationship or cut-off communications.
 OnlineBanking  Change your credit card and bank web site passwords.
 CalendarSharing Delete or make private any online calendars or itineraries--even on your social network--where you list events you plan to attend. They could let a stalker know where you're planning to be and when.
 SocialMedia Check your social networks (including your friends' and colleagues'), and be sure to remove anything private or inappropriate. You can block people from seeing your posts and photos, too.
 GPS Tracking If you suspect that someone is tracking your everyday activities and you feel as if you're in danger, only use public computers or telephones to seek help. Otherwise, your attempts to get help will be known to your cyber-stalker.
 AuthorizingEmailAccess There are those websites and apps that you think will make your life so much easier or connect you with new sources of information! But to get it, you have to agree that they can access your e-mail, your profile, your contacts. So where does your personal information go? If you think you need to lie low or cut off others from getting to know your whereabouts, who you associate with, or what you're up to, consider opting out of those apps or websites. Here's a link to get you started.
 CreditBureaus If you shared credit with anyone with whom you no longer have a relationship, it's become much easier to put a stop to them continuing to use your credit or establish new credit. Stop "identity theft" and "identity sharing" by putting a freeze on your credit at all three credit bureaus. That way, no one can obtain new credit cards, borrow money, or buy a car on your credit without your knowing it. Click here to get started.