Be Safe & Prepared

Safety During an Explosive Incident

  • Avoid rooms that don’t have an outside exit or any room with a weapon.
  • Devise a code word to use with family, children, friends, or neighbors for when to call police.
  • Ask neighbors to call police if they hear a disturbance.
  • Teach your children to go to a safe place to wait for the police, such as their bedroom, a neighbor’s or friend’s house.

Safety - Preparing to Leave Your Partner

  • Make arrangements to go to a safe place, such as trusted friends, family, hotel, or shelter.  Know ahead of time where you will go, and from whom you can borrow money if needed. Keep the phone number for a shelter or hotline with you.
  • Keep a bag with clothes, medications, money, important papers (protective order, birth certificates, custody papers, etc.) and a special toy for each child; it may be necessary to gather these over time. Hide the bag where it won't be discovered. You may also want to take pictures of you, your children, and the abuser, as well as any letters containing threats.
  • Hide an extra set of house and car keys in a place that is easily accessible to you.
  • Open a savings account or credit card and have statements mailed to another address.
  • See an attorney about your options.
You can contact the Broomfield City and County Central Records at 1 DesCombes Drive (303.464.5857) or the voter registration office in the county where you vote to ask for a confidentiality form to block personal information on your voter registration to be safe from your abuser.