Fine-Free Library

Coming to Broomfield in 2019 - A Fine Free Library!

As Broomfield Library looks to the future and continues to establish its role as a vital community connector, never has it been more critical for all within the community to have access to information, varied viewpoints, technology and opportunities to learn and connect.  

Data shows that library fines have little to no effect on return rates of materials and can actually serve as a considerable barrier to accessing library services. In 2018, Broomfield studied the research associated with the impact of library fines and with the support of City and County leadership chose to join the growing community of libraries and become fine free!  What does this mean for you?

Beginning January 1st, the Broomfield Library will no longer charge late fines. Library patrons should always return materials before or on the due date, but when something gets in the way of returning materials on time, users will not be charged a fine.

What is a fine?  Library fines refer to charges incurred when items are returned or renewed late.

When will this happen? Fines will be removed from Broomfield Library patron accounts on the last day of December 2018.

How will the library ensure materials will be returned?  Patrons will continue to receive overdue notifications for late material.  The library account will be blocked from checking out more items on the 14th day an item is overdue. While they won't receive punitive fines, they will receive a bill for any item not returned within 30 days.