Child Protection

What is child protection?

Child Protective Services in Colorado is a mandated service that provides 24-hour assistance in responding to allegations of child abuse and neglect. 

Broomfield responds to alleged child abuse and neglect by assessing the safety of the children and helping to support families with resources they may need. Calls of concern can be made by law enforcement, schools, medical professionals, or anyone who is concerned for the safety and well-being of a child. 

How does Broomfield help protect children in our community?

Child Protective Services in Broomfield County is offered through a Differential Response Model. This allows CPS to respond to each family’s specific situation based on factors such as:

  • Type and severity of the abuse or neglect 
  • Number and sources of previous reports
  • Willingness of the family to participate in services

Broomfield actively supports families in their efforts to provide a safe and stable life for their children.

Report child abuse or neglect: 

To report concerns for a child living in Broomfield County, call the local Hotline at 720-887-2271 or the statewide Hotline at 1-844-264-5437. In an emergency or a life-threatening situation, call 911 immediately.