Your Health and Oil and Gas

Broomfield is embarking on Phase III of a long-range, comprehensive Oil & Gas Program plan focused on a targeted approach to health and safety.  Our Public Health Department is increasing its capacity in the areas of environmental epidemiology and toxicology to begin data collection and trend analysis on the health effects of oil and gas activities.    

Report Your Health Concern

Use this form to report your health concern.  A health professional from Broomfield Public Health and Environment will respond to you. 

If you are concerned about your health symptoms, we encourage you to also speak with your primary care provider.  Broomfield Public Health and Environment staff have prepared a checklist to help you prepare for your appointment.  If you experience symptoms over multiple days you may find it beneficial to utilize this symptom tracker to capture the information so you have it available when you file your health concern. 

Resources from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment

Broomfield Public Health is partnering with CDPHE on its health effects data collection efforts.  Below are some resources you may find useful:    

Access Literature Reviews and Other Resources on the Health Impacts of Oil and Gas

  • HEI-Energy is an independent research organization affiliated with the Health Effects Institute.  They provide high-quality, impartial science about potential human exposure and health effects associated with oil and gas development, and their website has excellent resources.  

  • The Regional Air Quality Council (RAQC) is the lead air quality planning agency for the Denver metropolitan area.  The RAQC implements a work plan to reduce emissions of key pollutants and to meet air quality standards.

  • The Southwest Pennsylvania Environmental Health Project is a non-profit public health organization dedicated to the health impacts of unconventional oil and gas development in Pennsylvania.

  • The Community Health and Shale Development Guidebook, created by RESOLVE, a national nonpartisan, nongovernmental organization working towards sustainable solutions to critical social, health, and environmental challenges.