Pursuant to Colorado State Law and Chapter Five of the Broomfield Municipal Code, The City and County of Broomfield requires fingerprints be submitted to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for specific liquor license applications. This is a voluntary submission, however failure to do so may affect the completion or approval of your application.

The City and County of Broomfield requires CBI and FBI record checks (nationwide criminal history search) on the following liquor license related applications:

  1. Any person owning 10% or more of the outstanding or issued capital stock, or persons holding a 10% or more membership interest
  2. Operating Managers
  3. Any individual completing an Individual History Record form

There are currently three fingerprinting options for Broomfield liquor/beer license applicants:

  1. Broomfield Police Department   
    1. Fee: $38.50 - to be paid to the City Clerk’s office prior to fingerprinting appointment
    2. To learn more, visit Broomfield’s fingerprinting website
    3. Ready to schedule an appointment? Call 303-464-5799
  2. IdentoGo
    1. Fees: vary
    2. Location: options available around the continental United States
    3. Learn more about this service by visiting the Colorado IdentoGo website
      1. To ensure we receive your results, please use bothcodes below when registering with IdentoGo:
        1. Colorado Liquor License Service Code: 25YQ6K
        2. Broomfield Account Code: CONCJ5889
  3. Colorado Fingerprinting
    1. Fees: vary
    2. Location: appointments available around Colorado
    3. Learn more about this service by visiting the Colorado Fingerprinting website or click herefor step by step directions
      1. To ensure we receive your results, please use the code below when registering with Colorado Fingerprinting
        1. CBI Unique ID: 5889LLQH

Paper fingerprints are no longer accepted. If you need to digitize your paper records, please work with IdentoGo or Colorado Fingerprinting.

Click here for additional information regarding the process and how to challenge the accuracy of the information in the record if you believe it to be incorrect or incomplete.