North Area Force Main

This project is complete!

Background Information

The area of Broomfield north of West 160th Avenue, excluding the Anthem Development, has limited sanitary sewer infrastructure. The NALS was constructed and placed into service in October 2013. The NALS serves the Highlands, Palisade, Northlands, 275, and North Park developments. Currently, the NALS pumps wastewater to the Anthem Lift Station located along Highway 7 east of Lowell Boulevard. The NALS can only pump to the Anthem Lift Station until the Anthem Lift Station and dual force mains reach between 60 and 70 percent capacity. The construction contract was approved by Council at the October 22, 2019, meeting.

The North Area Force Mains (NAFM) project will construct a force main from the NALS directly to the Wastewater Treatment Facility located at 124th and Lowell Boulevard.  The force main will be over 7 ½ miles when completed.  

The contract was approved by Council at the October 22, 2019 meeting and construction was able to begin in late January when materials arrived.