At the City and County of Broomfield, environmental sustainability is a focal point of long-term social, economic, and environmental health. The 2016 Broomfield Comprehensive Plan lays out the community’s vision for environmental stewardship, including resource conservation, energy efficiency, and renewable energy. Most recently, the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Plan and Zero Waste Plans identifies key programs and policies required to reach community goals. 

Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Reduction Targets

Ambitious greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction targets were laid out in Resolution No. 2020-169, which the Broomfield City Council adopted on September 22, 2020. The goal is to reduce community-wide (i.e., residential, municipal, and commercial sectors) and organization-wide GHG emissions as follows:

All of Broomfield:
  • 26% reduction by 2025
  • 50% reduction by 2030
  • 90% reduction by 2050

Municipal Buildings:
  • 30% reduction by 2025
  • 60% reduction by 2030
  • 90% reduction by 2045
  • 100% reduction by 2050

Waste Diversion Targets

In addition, the City Council passed Resolution 2020-65, laying out the following Zero Waste goals for the community: 

  • 50% diversion by 2025
  • 100% diversion by 2035

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