Homeowner Information

Contact the Planning Division at 303.438.6284 or emailing planning@broomfield.org with any questions or to request information regarding setbacks, easements and height requirements. 

Please note Homeowners Associations may have requirements outside of those enforced by the Planning Division. It is important to check with your HOA prior to submitting a permit application. 

Home Improvements 

Home Additions
Additions to a residential property will require a general permit with the Building Division. Residential additions will be required to meet established height and setback requirements. 

Sheds and Accessory Structures
Any shed or accessory structure greater than 120 square feet in size requires a permit with the Building Division. Sheds and accessory structures of any size must adhere to the appropriate setbacks and cannot be located within any easements. 

All new decks or deck additions require a permit with the Building Division. Decks must meet required setbacks and cannot be located within easements. On grade patios do not require a permit and do not need to meet setbacks.

For information on building height for homes and home additions, please visit our building height page.

Pouring a new driveway or doing flatwork? You may need a Public Private Improvement Permit with our engineering division. Please call 303.438.6273 or email kgunderson@broomfield.org.

Fence permits are processed by the Planning Division. For more information on fencing please reference the Residential Fence FAQ. Fence permits are required for all new fences, fence replacements and fence relocations. 

Variance applications are processed by the Planning Division. Please be sure to contact a planner prior to submitting a variance request.

Residential pools require a permit with the Building Division. Pools are not required to meet setbacks however cannot be located within easements.

Chicken and Beekeeping licenses are processed by the Planning Division.

Solar Panels
Considered to be permitted accessory uses. Declaration of Use

Accessory Dwelling Units 

Accessory Dwelling Units are permitted as accessory uses to single family residential units.

Please visit the Accessory Dwelling Unit informational handout and checklist for detailed rules and procedures. 

Home Occupations