Plans & Studies

Funding for transportation projects is limited.  Federal and state gas taxes, which comprise a significant portion of the total revenues for transportation projects haven’t been increased since 1993 and 1991 respectively.  Over time, while overall vehicle miles traveled has increased, theoretically increasing revenues from the gas tax, enhanced fuel efficiency and inflation have created a net decrease in revenue for transportation.  The other transportation funding in Broomfield is primarily derived from local sales tax.  

In an effort to spend the scarce transportation funding wisely and to prepare projects to be competitive for state and federal funding opportunities, Broomfield and our regional partners have focused heavily on planning and studying our transportation infrastructure and our demographic and socio-economic trends to understand the best use of funding to meet the existing and future transportation needs in the community.  

In recent years Broomfield has focused extensively on improving the quality of life for our residents and visitors by working to enhance transportation options in the community, including bicycle and pedestrian modes of transportation.  The majority of transportation projects that take place in Broomfield have, at minimum, a component related to enhancing active modes by improving safety and reducing stress experienced by active modes users.  This is reflected in the plans and studies taking place in the community.