Local Plans & Studies

Broomfield Transportation Master Plan

Broomfield’s Vision is: To provide a well-connected and well-maintained multimodal transportation system that safely and effectively accommodates all modes (pedestrian, bicycle, automobile, bus, rail, and freight), provides mobility for goods and people of all ages and abilities while supporting economic development, reducing dependence on the single-occupant vehicle, and minimizing environmental impacts.

In 2016, Broomfield completed the most recent update to its Transportation Master Plan. This document establishes Broomfield’s vision for transportation and provides policy guidance that informs decision-making related to transportation in the city.

Active Transportation Plans & Studies

Bicycle & Pedestrian Assessment

The current bicycle and pedestrian system in Broomfield includes multi-use paths, on-street bike lanes, sidewalks, and unpaved trails. The community trails are extensive, well-used, and highly valued by the community. As Broomfield continues to grow, development standards are guiding new development to ensure that adequate bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure is included. The purpose of the Bicycle and Pedestrian Assessment was to:

  • Inventory the existing bicycle and pedestrian facilities in Broomfield
  • Identify deficiencies and missing links
  • Gather public input
  • Create a tiered bicycle and pedestrian network
  • Identify and prioritize capital projects
  • Set a path to implement Broomfield’s active transportation goals

Open Space & Trails

Open Space & Trails is currently working on an update to the Open Space & Trails Master Plan.  Follow the plan update and learn more about opportunities for engagement by visiting the Open Space & Trails Master Plan Update Broomfield Voice page.

Broomfield Wayfinding Plan

In response to feedback from the community received through the Broomfield Bicycle and Pedestrian Assessment, Broomfield identified the development of wayfinding branding, signs, and specifications as a key step to aiding the public in navigating Broomfield's low-stress bicycle and pedestrian transportation network. Beginning in 2021 and continuing through 2022, the Broomfield project team with input from the public, developed a Wayfinding Plan along with a number of deployment plans for getting signage out in the community. The City and County of Broomfield will be implementing the deployment of new wayfinding signage beginning in the spring/summer of 2023.

The Broomfield Wayfinding Plan includes information about the process to develop new branding, as well as standards and specifications for Broomfields new sign family.

Other Local Plans

Midway Blvd Multimodal Corridor Action Plan

Midway Boulevard was identified by the community as an important corridor during the 2019 Broomfield Bicycle and Pedestrian Assessment.  Beginning in 2020 the City and County of Broomfield embarked on a study to provide direction for future improvements to the Midway Boulevard corridor.  This study resulted in the development of a project report and interim and future concept plans for the corridor.

The concept plans are aimed at improving mobility, comfort, and safety with a focus on making improvements for walking, bicycling and speed compliance in the Midway corridor. The concept plans have incorporated data collected about Midway Boulevard’s existing conditions, as well as community input received throughout the project. The final project report and the interim and future recommended concept plans can be found by following the links below:

US 36 Multimodal Corridor First and Final Mile