Dial Framework

Broomfield is at Level Blue: Cautious on the state's COVID-19 dial.

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Dial 2.0 Framework Metrics

Colorado’s COVID-19 dial dashboard tracks the progress of each county using key metrics. Communities will move between levels based on the metrics. See here for thresholds on each metric. These metrics are:

  • New cases: How much the virus is circulating in a county.
    • The 7-day cumulative incidence per 100,000 people helps us understand how much virus is circulating in the community. This is the number of cases for every 100,000 people in the past 7 days, excluding cases associated with residents of congregate facilities.
  • Percent positivity: Whether there is sufficient COVID-19 testing to capture the level of virus transmission.
    • The 7-day average positivity is defined as the percent of tests that come back positive, out of the total number of tests performed over a 7-day period. The global standard to ensure that we are doing enough testing is a percent positivity of less than 5%.
  • Impact on hospitalizations: Whether hospitalizations are increasing, stable, or declining.
    • This metric ensures that there is sufficient hospital capacity available. The goal is for new hospitalizations to be stable or declining for the past 14 days. To do this, we look at the total number of new hospital admissions per day and calculate a 7-day moving average.

To move to Level Green - Protect Our Neighbors, Broomfield must meet ALL of the metrics of the more open level for a 1-week period and complete an application process with the state.

View details about the dial including a county by county dashboard and what restrictions are in place for each level.