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In 2021...

In gratitude to the Broomfield residents, City Council, and the City and County of Broomfield organization - staying strong together has produced outcomes that have, and will continue to make us healthier, kinder, and more resilient as individuals and as a community.

As we recognize and celebrate the many accomplishments in 2021, we stay resolute to continue to build on a solid foundation with a strategic approach to solidify a financial and sustainable future in 2022 and beyond.   

Accomplishments in CCOB Employees     Accomplishments in Budget 

     Accomplishments in the COVID-19 Response  Accomplishments in Affordable Housing   

Accomplishments in Economic Vitality    Accomplishments in Sustainability     Accomplishments in Water   

Accomplishments in Transportation     Accomplishments in Diversity, Equity, Access, and Inclusion

Accomplishments in Behavioral Health     Accomplishments in the Creative Economy

Accomplishments in Public Safety     Accomplishments in Community Engagement

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Challenging Times Drive Additional Focus on CCOB's #1 Resource - 

Retaining and Recruiting the Best Employees

  • No one is immune from the national phenomenon of the ‘great resignation”. Statistically, the City and County of Broomfield is faring much better than many of the surrounding cities and/or counties. Based on 2020 numbers (2021 data isn’t available yet) the average turnover rate for 35 governmental agencies in the Denver/Boulder area for 2020 was 14.6%, and we anticipate those surveyed communities will have significantly higher turnover rates when data is available for 2021. Comparatively speaking, Broomfield is projected to end the 2021 year with a 14% turnover rate.  
  • Throughout Colorado, the increase in departures, accompanied by a surge in market salary jumps, has resulted in a significant number of positions either unfilled, filled on an interim basis, or held by someone who’s been on the job for less than a year. Especially concerning throughout the state are the open positions in the Police Departments. 
  • Fortunately, this is not the case in Broomfield. Our leadership positions (23) are all filled, and we continue to prepare the adjusted compensation package for Council’s review and discussion in January 2022, with the budget amendment approval in April 2022. This compensation package includes both a market adjustment in the ranges (based on the position, not performance) and a merit increase (performance pay).
  • Part of that structure we are building requires the hiring process to include seeking out the values and character traits that CCOB sees as essential to attract, retain, and grow our workforce in order to provide our residents with thoughtful and intentional superior services. 
  • What won’t change is our mission to build a workforce that focuses on bringing in new, diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and expertise.
  • Beginning in early 2021, Broomfield was one of the first municipalities to conduct an equal pay audit for all employees. In April 2021, City Council approved an employee recognition package benefiting over 230 employees, which included: 
    • An option for employees who accrued annual leave in excess of the annual cap, but were unable to utilize those hours due to the pandemic; a vacation payout or contribution to their pension plan
    • A 3% merit pay pool
    • Increased the ‘exceptional merit’ pool to recognize employees whose efforts during COVID contributed to an organizational-wide impact

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Taking a Conservative and Long Term Approach - Building a Structure for a 

Financially Stable Future:

1. Implemented a balanced budget, tied to common community and organizational priorities incorporating actual revenue generation and economic conditions.

2. As part of fiscally conservative philosophy, Broomfield dedicated additional funds than in prior years for its reserves.

3. To guide direction and decisions for current and future leaders, Broomfield’s first debt policy was developed and adopted by council. 

4. Sustainability in terms of social, economic, and environmental longevity and success was strategically addressed by integrating the long range financial plan with the comprehensive plan and economic vitality’s build-out goals.

5. The community gained enhanced transparency and education around Broomfield’s budget, through increased usage of the Broomfield Voice, and public hearings and workshops for the annual budget adoption process. 

COVID-19 Response Header

1. Broomfield continued to be a state leader in mitigation, resource coordination, and vaccination rates. Thanks to you, Broomfield is the 4th highest-ranking county for population vaccinated in the entire state to date.

2. Broomfield continued to see lower case rates and hospitalization rates than 80% of other counties in the state.

3. Approximately 57,286 doses of COVID-19 vaccines were administered to the community through 78 events (and still counting!) including dozens of mass vaccination clinics at 1STBANK center and dozens of smaller clinics at Broomfield’s Health and Human Services Building and around the community. 

4. Trusted leaders from community groups helped launch the Vaccine Ambassador Program, which provided the resources to help connect Broomfielders to COVID-19 vaccines, and other efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Watch the inspiring video

Affordable Housing Header

1. Affordable housing options were expanded in Broomfield with the transition to an Independent Housing Authority and the recruitment and appointment of new commissioners who will make impactful choices, provide experience-based advice, and dedicate time and expertise to facilitate the development of single and multi-family homes; research, advocate, and implement innovative housing programs; and work closely with local and regional partners.

2. Over 100 units of affordable housing were created in Broomfield through partnerships with various developers. 

Economic Vitality Header

1. The implementation of the Land Use Review Commission and Neighborhood Board of Adjustment resulted in increased resident engagement in long-term planning decisions and quicker turnaround on zoning variances.

2. The Enhance Broomfield 2021 and Small Business Relief Programs provided financial relief to over 140 local businesses with $542,250 total direct funding support. 

3. The highly-anticipated Broomfield Town Square groundbreaking date was set for the fourth quarter of 2022.

4. As one of the first counties in the state to create a path to safely reopen, Broomfield certified 49 businesses through the Back to Businesses (5 Star) program, to increase business capacity while closely monitoring transmission of COVID-19.

Sustainability Header

1. Two major planning efforts, Zero Waste and Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Reduction were launched to help Broomfield reach its ambitious sustainability goals including Zero Waste by 2035 and 100% GHG reduction by 2045.

2. A second electric vehicle charging was station added at City and County of Broomfield facilities, funded in part by the Charge Ahead Colorado grant. Free charging stations are now available at the Health and Human Services Building and Paul Derda Recreation Center.

3. More than 2000 residents gave feedback and attended workshops to help guide decisions on future sustainability projects and topics.

4. More than 350 residents signed up for the inaugural Sustainability monthly newsletter to stay informed about current and upcoming sustainability goals and projects.

Water Header

1. Broomfield’s future water infrastructure needs were secured with the Windy Gap Firming Project

2. The Water Treatment Plant Expansion was completed, increasing from 20 million gallons per day (MGD) to 26 MGD as outlined in the Comprehensive Water Plan to meet future growth and development needs in Broomfield.

3. Residents can now reuse water by installing greywater systems, in accordance with newly adopted and implemented greywater use regulations.

4. Throughout Broomfield, residents helped save an estimated 17.2 million gallons of water used for landscape maintenance by transitioning 75,000 sq ft of grass to xeriscape gardens through the Garden in a Box Program

Transportation Header

1. Traveling across Broomfield has been improved with the completed 144th/Dillon Road Project, Broomfield’s biggest road project to date.

2. Public input continues to be submitted for the future Midway Multimodal Plan and Wayfinding transportation projects.

3. Neighborhoods near 112th Ave. and Brainard Dr. can enjoy the fully implemented and operational Quiet Zones.

4. Plans were finalized to offer commuters who combine public transit and bicycling a new Bike N Ride shelter at US 36/Broomfield in 2022. 

5. Approximately 340 subscribers have signed up to receive the monthly Transportation eNewsletter.

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1. A Strategic Equity Plan was identified, developed, and drafted for the City and County of Broomfield organization. 

2. City and County of Broomfield customers now have access to On-Demand language interpretation with all departments.

3. Ten Broomfield teens have moved through the Juvenile Justice Diversion program since its launch in October, helping Broomfield’s youth avoid criminal records through a commitment to counseling, acceptance of responsibility and community service. 

4. Most full-time City and County of Broomfield employees, over 800 individuals, attended a Foundations in Equity Training to establish shared vocabulary and norms internally while promoting ways individuals and workgroups can expand equity in their interactions with the community.

5. The first Broomfield Pride Event was held, with the Pride Flag flying outside the George Di Ciero City and County Building.

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1. Residents' stories about mental health were amplified in the Let’s Talk About It Campaign aimed to reduce the stigma of talking about mental and behavioral health by modeling courageous conversations.

2. Community members and CCOB staff were able to participate in behavioral health training offered by Health and Human Services.

3. Over 170 city staff have participated in the Mental Health Literacy Project and Why Language Matters communications campaign.

4. The BCORE program helped Broomfield Police proactively respond to over 700 mental health calls with the help of mental health professionals.

Creative Economy Header

1. Artists and creators from Broomfield and beyond state lines participated in the Artists in Residency Program, which celebrates and elevates diverse stories, and brings culture, perspective and awareness to Broomfield schools, organizations and communities through their dynamic work.

2. Residents enjoyed creative performances in 2021 from the City and County of Broomfield in a new outdoor venue or from home with backup streaming options.

3. Ten pieces of community-submitted artworks were installed on traffic boxes throughout Broomfield as part of the completed Traffic Box public art project.

4. The low-stress network of walk and bike paths were enhanced with engaging art and culture experiences as part of phase one of the new Broomfield ARTery; Broomfield’s proposed creative corridor.

Additional Broomfield Priorities:

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1. Deputy Chief Enea Hempelmann, who has served the Broomfield community for nearly 25 years, was hired as the new Chief of Police to guide Broomfield’s future of policing within the community. 

2. Police staffing levels were increased to meet the needs of Broomfield's growing population. The Broomfield Police Department is fully staffed

3. Funding was prioritized to allow for enhanced officer training during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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1. Broomfield Boards and Commissions were restructured to better serve the needs of the community.

2. More residents completed the 2021 Community Survey than ever before and gave record-high ratings on the overall quality of life questions.

3. 2021 saw record-breaking resident engagement and participation! The Broomfield Voice online engagement tool now has 3,000 engaged residents, BintheLoop e-newsletters have almost 40,000 subscribers, and in-person special events like BrewHaha, Summer Concert Series, Broomfield Days, and more have experienced record turnout. 

4. Voter participation in the 2021 Coordinated Election exceeded Colorado’s average of 40.17%, with 45.61% residents casting a ballot. This tracks with trending high voter turnout in 2017 and 2019.

5. Nearly 700 volunteers contributed over 24,000 hours to City and County of Broomfield Programs. Twenty of the most outstanding volunteers were nominated by the community as part of the 20 Volunteers in 20 Years anniversary campaign, exemplifying a reinvigorated approach to recognizing volunteers.