Today, we have opportunities for large-scale improvements in composting, commercial recycling, and changes in our construction and demolition waste management systems.  By reducing the amount of waste we generate and maximizing the amount of materials diverted from landfills, we can conserve resources, create economic opportunities and improve the health of our community.

A resident survey showed high community interest in recycling and composting.  Of 504 individuals, 94.6% agreed with the statement “I would support programs to increase access to recycling, 77.1% agreed that “Composting is important to me,” and 86.3% agreed with the statement “I would support projects to increase access to compost.

Be Involved

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Your education of projects, engagement with planners and effect on changes in Broomfield is paramount. Dig deeper into various zero waste initiatives via the project link below, and see key dates on how to participate and effect change. Or visit our Sustainability Hub for access to all projects.

Zero Waste 

Each year, Broomfield produces more than 75,000 metric tons (MT) of solid waste and only 12% is diverted from landfills to be recycled. This represents a significant environmental, public health and economic opportunity.  Landfill waste produces greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change and impact our local air quality. Improperly disposed hazardous materials can threaten our water quality while representing an economic loss of valuable materials.

A community-wide waste inventory revealed that 62% of our waste comes from commercial sources, and 72% is recoverable (mostly through compost).  In addition, 36% of our waste  comes from residential sources, and 79% is recoverable (mostly through compost).  The City Council passed the Zero Waste Resolution in 2020, calling for a 50% diversion rate by 2025 and 100% by 2035. Throughout 2021, we will develop detailed action plans to achieve these key priorities.

Waste Resources For Residents And Businesses