Marijuana in Broomfield


Marijuana Business License Selection Committee

Application Merit Review Approach and Findings

Applicant NameProposed LocationTrade NameType of BusinessApplication LinkSelection Committee Finding
Centroid Holdings Inc.300 Alter St.Terrapin Care StationRetailCentroid Holdings Inc dba Terrapin Care Station2nd Alternate
Double Brow LLC4179 W. 120th Ave.Star BudsRetailDouble Brow LLC dba Star Buds1st Alternate
Fireplace Broomfield LLC291 Flatiron Crossing Dr, Unit BThe FiresideRetail & MedicalFireplace Broomfield LLCSelected
LPCD LLC4490 W 121st Ave Suite 8The DabRetail & MedicalLPCD LLC dba The DabSelected
Palisade Park JV16801 Galapago Pl4 and 20RetailPalisade Park JV dba 4 and 20Selected
RJJ Broomfield, LLC6470 W. 120th Ave., Ste. D1-3Native RootsRetail & MedicalRJJ Broomfield, LLC dba Native RootsMet Core Criteria, not selected to be an alternate due to concerns that are expressed in the report.

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Pre-Approval Application for Zoning

Pre-approval is required as part of the application and needs to be completed prior to submitting the Broomfield Marijuana Business Application with the City Clerk's office.

Click here for the Retail/Medical Marijuana Preliminary Determination of Location Eligibility.

Click here to view a map of eligible locations.  

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