Creative Network

To support the creative economy in Broomfield, Creative Broomfield, in collaboration with city-wide support, is working to develop a program to connect both creatives to each other and to the wider community. 

This program, with a working title of the Creative Network, will be designed through an initial phase of community conversations with creatives, cultural leaders, makers and learners to best situate ourselves to make connections, cultivate curiosity, and develop a space for solutions to be found collaboratively.

You are invited to participate in the development of the Creative Network pilot! With the information provided by the creative community in this form, two initiatives will be created: 

  1. Create a map and list of work being sold to support shop local initiatives
  2. Gather insight to discover shared opportunities to find ways to partner with and strengthen our creative community.

With the shared insights, Creative Broomfield will cultivate areas of interconnections within the community and design the goals of the Creative Network initiative based on your feedback.

Please fill out this form and share with other creatives!