Anthem Community Park

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Anthem Community Park Trail Closure: Beginning on Thursday, December 8 the NW Parkway underpass, at Anthem Community Park, will be closed and fencing in place for 3-4 weeks  while construction of an extension to the Broomfield Trail is completed.  The new 12’-wide concrete trail will be extended from Sheridan Parkway to the underpass.  The City is also completing the design for the concrete trail to extend to 160th Avenue to be constructed in 2024.  

Anthem CP Underpass Closure

ECI mobilized to the site in mid May 2022 and construction is anticipated to take approximately six months. The Anthem Pump Track is closed and may need to remain closed until early February.   The pump track is being "refreshed" by the Contractor.   The mountain bike skills course work is complete and will be opened with the pump track (see picture below).  Landscaping work is being postponed to Spring 2023, except for irrigation work being completed over the winter.  Concrete sidewalks and erosion control work is being completed now.  Staff is discussing work on Phase 3B with the contractor.  If negotiations go well, a change order will be presented to City Council to start Phase 3B work in the Spring 2023.  

A few key completion dates are as follows:  Mountain Bike Skills Course - construction is complete, Top Lift of Asphalt - 11/08, 12-Foot Concrete Trail - 11/14, Landscaping Spring 2023.   HERE is the contractor's initial schedule.  Updates will be provided as construction progresses. 

Anthem CP November 2022

Anthem Community Park Phase 3A


Anthem Community Park is developed on the west side and the remaining phases of the park development on the Broomfield owned parcel east of the Farmers Reservoir and Irrigation Company (FRICO) Community canal are referred to as Phase 3A and 3B.  Phase 3A will include parking, a mountain bike skills course, 12-foot concrete trail, shade structures, and canopy structures. Additional accessories will include electric vehicle charging stations, bike racks & repair stations, picnic tables, park benches, lighting, and landscaping. Phase 3B of the park is planned for construction in 2023/2024.  It includes four ball fields, concessions, restrooms, and additional parking.  A pedestrian bridge connecting the new park (east) to the existing park (west) is being planned along with improvements to the existing NW Parkway pedestrian underpass.

On February 17, 2021, the Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee (PRAC) reviewed the proposed revised scope of Phase 3A and recommended the project move forward with the revised Phase 3A scope.

On March 16, 2021, City Council was presented the Pre-project Review of Anthem Community Park Phase 3A. 

On January 25, 2022 City Council approved a construction agreement with ECI Construction Management, Inc.

The 2021 Capital Improvement Program (CIP) budget includes funding to construct a portion (3A) of the improvements to the 93.7 acre Anthem Community Park located between Sheridan Parkway and Northwest Parkway, east of Lowell Boulevard.  See project location map below.

The original plan for the park on the west side of the canal was approved in 2003.  The Anthem West PUD Managed Growth and Development Agreement (MGDA) identified shared responsibilities for completing the park between the developer, Newland Communities, and the City and County of Broomfield.

The City received a cash-in-lieu payment in the amount of $3,160,546 from the Developer in December 2020.

Anthem Community Park Project Location Map