Growing in Broomfield

The Right Location

Broomfield businesses tend to focus on building purposeful, sustainable companies. With a network of local and regional resources, flexible zoning, thoughtfully designed spaces for businesses, and a highly educated workforce, Broomfield is an ideal location to grow or expand your business.

The right location for your business is critical to success. Whether in need of commercially zoned property, a large state-of-the-art office complex along a well-traveled corridor, or a retail space by a bustling neighborhood, businesses will find plenty of options in Broomfield. The City and County of Broomfield can help identify strategic advantages of locations across the community,  financing resources, and grants and incentives for your business. 

Broomfield’s knowledgeable staff can help you connect with experienced commercial real estate brokers or commercial contractors in order to support project timelines and streamline an easy transition from start to finish. 

Broomfield Enterprise Zone

Businesses located in the Enterprise Zone (EZ) areas in the City and County of Broomfield will be eligible to pre-certify to qualify for state income tax credits.