Camp Explorer

Camp Explorer 2017 Fees

All fees for 2017 Summer Camp Explorer Programming are broken down by day. Families have the ability to select as many or as few days as needed.
   Resident  Non Resident
Daily Fee (No Trip) $35 per day $40 per day
Trip Fee $50 per day $55 per day
Explorers (Quandary and Torreys) Trips held on Fridays 
Extreme Explorers (Crestone and Pikes) Trips held on Wednesdays and Fridays

Camp Explorer Registration Information and Availability

Online registration for Summer Camp 2017 is currently not available. To request more information and to be added to the wait list please complete the Registration Information and Waitlist Application.

Explorers Outdoors

Let us introduce your children to the power of the outdoors. Our new Explorers Outdoors program will familiarize your child with outdoor adventure and the wonders Colorado has to offer. We aim to encourage your child to enjoy the outdoors and live a healthy, active lifestyle. This 4 week program meets 2 days a week where children will experience a new outdoor activity each day. Activities will include hiking, rock climbing, high ropes courses and more. Space is limited so sign up early! 
Age: 12–15 years  Location: BCC
R/NR Fee Days Hours Dates
$480/$520     TTh         9 am–4 pm   Jun 6–29
$480/$520     TTh         9 am–4 pm   Jul 11–Aug 3

Pre-Camp @ the Broomfield Community Center

Don’t worry; we know school is out for some of us before Camp Explorer and Extreme Explorer begin. For this week we will be meeting at the Broomfield Community Center, and we will go on trips every day. Campers will enjoy full day trips such as the Denver Zoo, museum, bowling, and skating. Space is limited for these trips so be sure to register as soon as possible! 
Age 6–14 years  Location: BCC
Dates Hours
May 30–Jun 2  7 am–6 pm

Camp Explorer @ Broomfield Heights Middle School

Quandary(K-1st) and Torreys (2nd-3rd)

Our Quandary and Torreys age groups are for campers who are currently in Kindergarten through 3rd grade (2017/2017 school year)! The Camp Explorer age groups have three field trips per week and time spent at BHMS keeps kids engaged in different games, sports, activities, and theme days.
Grades: K–3rd Location: BHMS
Dates Hours
Jun 5–Aug 4    7 am–6 pm

Extreme Explorers @ Broomfield Heights Middle School

Crestone (4th–5th) and Pikes (6th–7th)
The Crestone and Pikes Peak groups are for campers who are currently in 4th through 7th grade (2016/2017 school year)! Extreme Explorer age groups have four field trips per week and time spent at BHMS will keep your kids engaged in a variety of games, sports, activities, and theme days!
Grades: 4th–7th  Location: BHMS
Dates Hours
Jun 5–Aug 4    7 am–6 pm

Extension Camp @ the Broomfield Community Center

Broomfield Recreation is aware that not all school districts operate on the same schedule. To account for this, we will be offering an Extension Camp at the Broomfield Community Center for campers who do not go back to school until a later date. Just like our Pre-Camp, Extension camp will be attending a field trip every day. Trips from years past have included Pirates Cove, Boondocks, and Adventure Golf. You won’t want to miss this grand finale to wind down camp for 2017!
Age: 6–14 years  Location: BCC
Dates Hours
Aug 7–11    7 am–6 pm