Assessment Reports

Certification Letters

Certification of Valuation Letters are sent to the taxing authorities twice a year, August 25 and late November.  The authorities use these values for setting the next year's budget.  

2023 August

2022 December

2022 August

2021 December

Authority Abstracts

The Authority Abstract lists each taxing authority's value by property classification.

2023 August

2023 May

2022 December

2021 December

Abstract of Assessment Publications 

Abstract of Assessment Publications list the assessed value and mill levies for taxes.  The year of the report indicated the year the taxes were collected.   

2021 Abstract2020 Abstract2013 Abstract2006 Abstract
2022 Abstract2019 Abstract    2012 Abstract2005 Abstract

2018 Abstract2011 Abstract2004 Abstract

2017 Abstract 2010 Abstract2003 Abstract

2016 Abstract 2009 Abstract 2003 Abstract

2015 Abstract 2008 Abstract 2002 Abstract

2014 Abstract 2007 Abstract 2001 Abstract

Mill Levies

The following report lists each tax authority and their mill levy by tax area.  A property located in a tax area is taxed by that area's total net mill levy.  The report below is updated at the end of December every year and posted by early January.  

Mill Levies by Tax Area/District Report (updated 1/3/2023)