Homeownership Opportunities

Attainable Homeownership Opportunity

Lennar Homes is offering attainable, deed-restricted homes in the Palisade Park development. The interest list is now open and accepting candidates.

  • Lennar is offering four floorplans within the Attainable, Deed-restrict product line. 
  • These homes are now being sold and will sell over the next couple of months (as of 5/31) until they are sold out.
  • There are 28 total home sites available.

Applicants for this opportunity to purchase one of these homes will need to meet specific income qualifications - based on recent income and family size. 

  • The applicants will be selected from the interest list on a first-come basis. The application will then move through the qualifying review (based on income, family size, and other factors).
  • To qualify for these income-restricted homes, prospective homebuyers must have a household income of 80% of the “Area Median Income”, as determined by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development. (For example, a family of four would have a total annual household income of $89,400).
    • 80% Income Limits, determined by HUD - effective date April 18, 2022* 
      FY 2022 Income Limit Category
      Persons in Family

      Low (80%) Income Limits ($)
      62, 600

**Income limits are updated annually. Current limits expire when the next year's limits are published.

  • The home will have a 30-year deed restriction, secured by a lien against the home.  The deed includes provisions including but not limited to: 
    • Resale or transfer of the home is limited to persons with a household earning 100% or below the reported AMI, for the appropriate household size for the size of the home in the year of the resale or transfer.
    • Maximum equity earned to be calculated as a maximum of 3.5% per year.
    • Refinancing is allowable in certain circumstances.

To sign up for the interest list, contact the Lennar consultant team at: