Main Street and Miramonte Boulevard Drainage Improvement

Construction on the Main Street and Miramonte Boulevard Drainage Improvement Project. is expected to be substantially complete by September 2, 2022.  Traffic is now able to move freely through the intersection.  

Thank you for your patience throughout this project!

Main and Midway Aug 2022


Work for this project includes regrading the intersection, adding storm inlets and storm sewer along both streets, and utility relocation. The cross pan and surrounding asphalt at this intersection require more frequent than average maintenance and replacement due to the continual flow of water that freezes and thaws in the crosspan after snow events.  Additionally, during significant rain events, the intersection experiences heavy flows that exceed the capacity of the crosspan and gutters.  The depth of water at the intersection and within the vehicular travel lane at the storm inlet due south of this intersection can make vehicular and pedestrian travel hazardous in these conditions.