Broomfield Solar Co-Op

Have you ever considered going solar? Solar energy is already at work for the City and County of Broomfield, offsetting on average 20% of the grid energy used at nine CCOB buildings. Going solar is a way to save money and support a more sustainable Broomfield.

CCOB has teamed up with Solar United Neighbors to bring you the Broomfield Solar Co-op. A solar co-op is a way for homeowners and small business owners to learn about solar energy together and consider purchasing solar panels at a group rate from a single installer.

Launch event

Broomfield's participation in a solar co-op is officially kicking off Wednesday, Dec. 14 from 6–8 p.m. at the Broomfield Community Center.

Stop by the event for more information on what it means to join a solar co-op, to speak to representatives from Solar United Neighbors and to speak with CCOB staff who are working on launching the co-op. 

Advantages of Solar Energy

In 2016, the Broomfield City Council adopted the Broomfield Comprehensive Plan. Part of that plan for a sustainable future is to increase the amount of solar energy being used in Broomfield.

Solar energy is renewable meaning that, unlike fossil fuels, it is not a finite resource of which the world will run out. While solar panels are unlikely to power a home or business on their own, adding solar panels to your home will reduce your electricity bill by supplying you with your own energy source.

Why join a solar co-op?

There are a number of advantages to joining a solar co-op. Not only are you given resources to help understand solar, but you also receive information about solar energy from a non-profit organization familiar with solar providers in the region. Another great reason is getting a group discount on solar energy installation.

Learn more about joining today!

To find out more information and to sign up for free, visit Solar United Neighbors.

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