Ute Knowledge History kit

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Sign up for an amazing history program about Colorado’s Ute Native American tribe complete with an entire kit.  

Ute Knowledge: Colorado’s Original Scientists

The Ute people are Colorado’s oldest continuous residents. They used their extensive knowledge of the landscape and environment to live in Colorado for generations, and they are still here today. 

In this program, students investigate how the Ute Indians have used science, technology, engineering and math to survive and thrive in the Rocky Mountains. Students will test materials in order to understand how Ute people solved problems in the past and the present. The program meets Colorado history, math and science standards. 

This resource is best for preschool through fifth grade. The program length is approximately 60 minutes and is offered by staff at the Broomfield Depot Museum. To book a program, email David Allison at dallison@broomfield.org.

For more information about the History Take-Out program visit History Colorado's website