Top Accomplishments of 2020

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In 2020...

Despite all of the unprecedented challenges of 2020, this past year the City and County of Broomfield grew stronger, together. When reflecting back on 2020, it will be easy to remember the bumps in the road, but try to remember everything Broomfield has achieved! 

2021 will bring new challenges, new opportunities, new accomplishments, and a new Broomfield. For now, take a look at the top 10 achievements Broomfield has made in 2020!

Accomplishments in Sustainability     Accomplishments in Affordable Housing   Accomplishments in Oil and Gas

     Accomplishments in Economic Vitality  Accomplishments in Transportation   

Accomplishments in Mental Health    Accomplishments in Creative Economy     Accomplishments in Water   

Accomplishments in COVID-19     Accomplishments in Community Amenities

1. Broomfield and the citizen-led ACES sustainability committee launched the Zero Waste Resolution Campaign, with the goal of being 100% waste diversion by 2035.

2. A baseline for greenhouse gas and solid streams was established.

3. Two EV Charging stations were installed at the HHS facility for public use.

4. The Waste Hauler agreement was put in place.

Affordable Housing Header

1. The Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) ordinance was adopted. 

2. Funding for the Anchor House construction and Habitat for Humanity projects was obtained.

3. Approval for additional Community Development Block Grant Funding was given.

Oil and Gas Header

1. APIS trigger canisters with full analysis reporting were installed in various locations throughout the county.

2. Real-time data collection and display is now available.

3. The Emergency Noise Ordinance was put into place for residential areas in Broomfield. Equipment was installed to monitor the noise levels and collect data for further research.

Economic Vitality Header

1. Advance Broomfield PUMA Survey was sent out to hear from Broomfield Youth. The answers were analyzed and plans were made to help improve the future of Broomfield.

2. More funding was secured for Enhance Broomfield to support 141 local businesses and impacting more than 600 jobs.

3. Launched Broomfield Back to Business (5-star certification program) to help businesses who have complied with the COVID-19 restrictions slowly open back up for business in a safe manner.

Transportation Header

1. Significant Progress was made on the 144th Ave./Dillon Road project.

2. A $10 million CDOT State Highway 7 project with RTD was initiated.

3. Significant progress was made on the US 36 Bike N' Ride project.

Mental Health Header

1. Partnered with Adams 12 to plan forums on youth suicide prevention.

2. Launched programs and partnerships with community-based mental health organizations and schools to reach Youth.

3. Hired a CHIP Coordinator to facilitate efforts of CCOB departments on mental health issues and substance abuse.

Creative Economy Header

1. Broomfield’s first Large-scale public mural was created by local artists.

2. Sponsored a workshop for the Creative Entrepreneurship that had an audience made up of over 50% Broomfield residents and businesses.

3. Created a creative calendar in partnership with community organizations.

Water Header

1. Broomfield partnered with Resource Central to complete 40 residential sprinkler consultations and 3 large property irrigation consultations through the Slow the Flow program. Broomfield will save an estimated 200,000 gallons of water annually.

2. The US district court ruled in favor of the Windy Gap Firming Project, and Council approved the allotment contract, along with the other 12 participants. This was a significant milestone for this project.

3. The Water Treatment Plant Expansion was completed.

COVID-19 Response Header

1. The Hotel Voucher system was created to house community members experiencing homelessness during the pandemic.

2. The Bridge the Gap Program was put into place.

3. Secured over $500,000 more funding for Enhance Broomfield to support 141 local businesses and impacting more than 600 jobs.

4. Set up Free Community COVID-19 Testing performing 2,809 tests in 2020.

Community Amenities Header

1. Opened the new 96,088 sq ft Broomfield Community Center.

2. Completed the Midway Pedestrian Bridge, connecting trails, and parks on either side of US36.

3. Brought the Library to you with the Library To Go van.

                                                         What Do You Want to See in 2021?

Your feedback is needed! What input, ideas, and suggestions do you have to keep the momentum going around important community and City Council priorities in 2021? 

Give your input and ideas on the next steps through City Council will discuss your input at their Focus Session in early 2021.