What is the Curatorium?

The Curatorium is a project incubation program inspired by the idea of multiple curators for a single project. This initiative incorporates elements of participatory budgeting, cross-sector collaboration and encourages the infusion of arts into various sectors and community-focused work. Working in cohorts, each year will feature a collaborative that can span from artists and organizations to businesses and community members to design and implement creative projects and experiences in Broomfield. 

The Curatorium is an exploration of empowering a collaborative of artists, organizations, businesses and community members to design and implement creative events and experiences in Broomfield. This initiative is scheduled for a pilot cohort in 2022 with a program launch in 2023.

Backstory Theatre and Wellspring Theatre

The first Curatorium cohort will be led by BackStory Theatre and will help pilot the initiative. BackStory Theatre’s goal for their Curatorium cohort is to understand and reduce barriers to access and participation in the arts while partnering with local resource organizations including the Broomfield Library and Broomfield FISH to provide holistic support to historically underserved neighborhoods, as well as exploring broader programming and streamlining collaboration to build awareness of local opportunities for the community.

Curatorium Events

Information about upcoming Curatorium events will be announced soon