LOCK BOX Program for Seniors

The LOCK BOX program provides a combination lock box to secure a key to your home. After approval, an employee with the BPD Civil Unit will come to your home to help in identifying the best place to put the lock box. The combination to the lock is kept on file at the police department, and is easily accessible by dispatch in case of an emergency. 

If you are ever in a situation where you need the police or medical personnel to come into your home and you are unable to open the door, the police or paramedics will access the combination through dispatch. The unique code is on file with the Broomfield Emergency Communications Center (9-1-1), which dispatches emergency services for police, fire and EMS. This will save valuable time and could save your life. 

Participant eligibility requirements: 

  • Must be a Broomfield resident 
  • Participants must be 65 or older (with exception of medical necessity)
  • Must have a spare key to place in the lock box 
  • Completion of waiver by homeowner required (at time lock box is installed) 

Resources are limited, and approval is not guaranteed. 

If you would like more information about the program or want to sign up for this program, please contact Julia Lavenburg at 303-438-6406 or by email at jlavenburg@broomfield.org.

Lock Box Program