Emergency Preparedness

Preparedness and safety are shared responsibilities. 

Emergency preparedness involves the resources of multiple city and county organizations, emergency response teams, law enforcement, community members and our dedicated volunteers.

This website is a Broomfield community resource and provides guidance to prepare you to take action in response to potential hazards and threats before, during and after an event. But never wait - if you feel threatened by a hazard, get to safety immediately.

Emergency Notifications

To be best prepared in case of emergency, please subscribe and provide your preferred information to LookoutAlert, the system through which our emergency notifications are sent out to warn Broomfield residents of potential hazards and threats. Get more details on the Emergency Notification page.

Air Quality

CCOB Public Health and Environment’s Air Quality Control program helps protect our air by monitoring air pollutants and enforcing the Colorado Air Quality Control Commission's regulations. Visit our Air Quality section of pages for alerts and resources and more information on open burning, wildfire smoke, and ozone emissions.

Animal to Human Disease

Animals can sometimes carry harmful germs that can spread to people and cause illness, or in some cases, death. Luckily, animal-to-human diseases can usually be prevented. Learn more about the common animal-to-human diseases in Colorado, how to prevent them, and how to seek support if you encounter wildlife.

Current Emergency Status/Active Emergency Information 

The Current Emergency Status page - which changes to the Active Emergency Information page - will only be activated when an incident requires additional public information support and will then have new information updated regularly.

Emergency Management

The CCOB Office of Emergency Management team employs experts in disaster preparedness for all kinds of hazards. Training and preparedness exercises are conducted on a regular basis, with CCOB employees and outside agencies, to better prepare for all types of hazards and emergencies.


With large incidents, like fires and floods, evacuations have become more commonplace. We encourage the adage, ‘when in doubt, get out!’ If you feel threatened, go! Keep in mind, in some cases, there is no time for formal evacuation notifications due to quickly changing conditions. Visit the Evacuations page to learn more about evacuation procedures as well as animal evacuations.

Infectious Diseases

Visit the Infectious Diseases page to learn about animal to human diseases, gastrointestinal illness, vaccine-preventable illness, and other infectious concerns.

Mental and Behavioral Health

Learn about resources to use when you or someone you know is in a mental or behavioral health emergency. Keep these resources in your phone or an easy-to-reach place to be prepared.

Public Health Emergency Preparedness & Response

Learn about public health emergency preparedness and response, specific to emergencies like infectious disease or environmental hazards.

Summer Weather Preparedness

Summers in Colorado can bring severe weather, like hail and thunderstorms, as well as extreme heat. We all need to be prepared for weather-related emergencies and extreme heat.


Wildfires threaten lives, destroy homes and natural resources and can have had devastating effects on the City and County of Broomfield community. See how you can be prepared to respond quickly if there is a wildfire threat.

Winter Weather Preparedness

Winter weather in Colorado can become severe very quickly. Visit the Winter Weather Preparedness page to learn more on how to prepare to winterize your car and home before that snow storm hits.