Mental Health Awareness Month

May is Mental Health Awareness Month

Broomfield has a variety of safe spaces, programs for all ages, and community supports to uplift each other and promote positive mental health. Whether it’s a walk in the hundreds of miles of open space and trails, crafting with community at the Library or joining a class or gathering at the Community Center, there is something you can do every day in Broomfield to boost your mental wellbeing in the short and long term. 

Programs, Events, and Services to Promote Positive Mental Health

Did you know that connecting with others supports positive mental health? There are dozens of programs, events and services in Broomfield to do just that/ Take a look at a few of the highlights below! Not finding what you’re looking for? Visit for all Recreation events and for Library and Creative Broomfield events!

  1. Mental Health Services

There are a variety of mental health services available to Broomfielders.

Crisis Services, Clinical Services, and Additional Supports

  • Dial 9-8-8: The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline connects you with a crisis center in the Lifeline network closest to your location. Your call will be answered by a trained crisis worker who will listen empathetically and without judgment. Your call is confidential and free.
  • Find clinical services, therapies, substance use services, and more at

Community Initiated Care

  • Have you ever had a friend or neighbor go through a mental or behavioral health crisis and you weren’t sure how to respond? Through training, each of us can feel empowered to recognize behavioral health issues in a friend, a neighbor, or a family member and take helpful action in the moment. Sign up for these free trainings as an individual or as an organization at

Broomfield Co-Responders (BCORE)

  • The Broomfield Police Department implemented Broomfield’s Co-Responder program, BCORE, in 2018. BCORE is designed to provide people in crisis with appropriate mental health services. When someone calls the police, an officer does an assessment to determine if a clinician should respond to the call as well. The BCORE program answers around 80 calls per month to support the mental wellbeing of residents. Learn more about BCORE.

  1. Events for Families and Kids
  1. Events for Tweens and Teens
  1. Events for Adults
  1. Events for Everyone
  1. Additional CCOB Resources

Get Involved in Broomfield

People who are connected and involved in their community live longer and have better mental health. Find all of the ways to get involved in Broomfield departments below!