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Discover the power of your voice and creativity with Broomfield Out Loud, an innovative project empowering the Broomfield community through storytelling and art. Share your unique story, unleash your creativity and uplift Broomfield voices by participating through collective expression.

Inspired by the Nobody Knows: Voices (Un)muted project led by Dr. Ron McCurdy, Broomfield Out Loud pairs community members with local artists who create exhibits and performances to bring Broomfielders’ stories to life. Storytellers, like you, are everyday residents who come from all ages and backgrounds. Do you have a personal story connected to Broomfield that you’d like to share? Keep reading to learn how the Broomfield Depot Museum and Friends of Broomfield History can help you capture it!

Broomfield Out Loud will take place in four stages through summer 2025. Participate in events, share stories, embrace creativity and be part of something extraordinary!

Broomfield Out Loud has four stages, each with multiple ways to get involved:

VOICE: Gather Broomfield stories

Visit the VOICE page to get all the details on this phase of this project.

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Storytelling Workshop: Broomfield Today and In the Future

Register today for creative Storytelling Workshops by Lighthouse Writers Workshop to strengthen your voice and to explore your creative side.

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Share Your Story!

If you have a personal story connected to Broomfield, from any background and any age, you're invited to be a part of the Broomfield out Loud project. Contribute your unique story today by filling out our form

Broomfield Out Loud Partners:

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Assistant Dean of the Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee at the University of Southern California Thornton School of Music

Dr. Leila Heil
Associate Professor of Music Education at the University of Colorado Boulder College of Music

This project received financial support from:

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