Highland Park Channel Improvements

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Loewen Engineering, under contract with the City and County of Broomfield, completed an alternatives analysis and the design and engineering for the Highland Park Channel Improvements.  The project will address long-term maintenance issues of the channel from west of the park/ south of Brunner Reservoir all the way to Dover Ct.  

Construction work is being completed by Territory Unlimited, the low-bidder in a competitive procurement process.  The work primarily includes the removal of some rip rap (rock) lining the channel, and the burying of the remainder, along with seeding and slope protection with an erosion control blanket.  Broken concrete panels within the low-flow channel will also be replaced.  Construction documents are located below.

Construction began in early November 2023.  The multi-use path north of the channel will be closed periodically throughout construction.  Trail detour signs and maps will be posted along the detour route and can be seen below. The trail closure is anticipated to last for up to 8-12 weeks.  The intent is to complete the project and re-open the trail as quickly as possible.

Trail Detour Map

Highland Park Channel Improvements Oct. 2023

Highland Park Improvements - Construction Documents

Contact Brian Graham, CIP Project Manager, at 303.438.6215 or bgraham@broomfield.org with questions about the project.