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The Broomfield Comprehensive Plan, updated in 2016, has the ambitious goal of providing approximately 40% of Broomfield's planning area as open lands. The term "open lands" is an umbrella concept that refers to open space, parks, and other types of undeveloped lands such as school parks, conservation easements, and golf courses. The following definitions describe the unique attributes and purposes of Broomfield’s three types of open lands designations.
  • Open Space Areas: These areas are parcels intentionally protected from development and set aside for unstructured passive recreation and the appreciation of natural surroundings. They may contain trailheads and trails, fishing facilities, wildlife viewing areas and other facilities that support uses compatible with a site’s natural resources and conditions.
  • Parks and Recreational Areas: These areas are the most intensively developed and used types of open lands. They may contain open irrigated turf areas for passive recreation, playing fields, hard courts, picnic areas, restroom facilities and other improvements.
  • Other Open Lands: These areas include golf courses, drainage/detention areas and other facility uses. 
At this time, Broomfield has a total of 8,406 acres of open lands, with a planning area of 24,043 total acres, which equals 34.9%. The strategy is to meet the remaining balance of 1,211 acres (5.1%) through the purchase of land, joint acquisitions with other communities, the public land dedication, and other innovative efforts to preserve land. The current breakdown of open lands and trails, as of March 2020, is shown below.

Open Lands

Type Acres
City-Owned Open Space 2,648
Conservation Easement 368
Boulder / Broomfield Intergovernmental Agreement Joint Open Space 2,421
Public Park and Recreation 737
Golf Course 665
School Parks 183
Private Park and Recreation 242
Other Public Open Lands 949
Other Private Open Lands 180
Private Open Space 13
Total 8,406


Type Miles
Multi-Use Paths 99
Detached 8-Foot Sidewalks 100
Soft-Surface Trails 28
On-Street Bike Lanes 81
Total 308