Adult Aquatics

Aquatic Conditioning Class

Are you looking for a new fitness regime or cross - training to help you keep in shape? This class works with all ability swimming levels to help improve strokes for efficiency as well as building endurance. This is a perfect class for fitness swimmers or for swimmers looking to get into competitive swimming. We recommend that you take the adult/teen swim lessons prior to joining the class if you do not know how to swim yet. Price includes facility admission. Age: 13 years and older Location: PDRC. For ages 13 years and older.

Adult Teen Swim Lessons link

This class helps you succeed in a skill that provides enormous health benefits. Feel confident in the water so you can enjoy a day at the pool or go on that vacation that you have always dreamed about. This class will meet your specific needs whether you want to conquer your fear of the water, develop your strokes or start training for a triathlon. The instructor works at your level to help you meet your goals. For ages 15 years and older.

Guard Start/Junior Lifeguarding

Do you want to be a lifeguard but are not old enough? We have three different classes to keep you busy all year long learning new skills and having fun at the same time! All courses follow the guidelines established by the American Red Cross. Participants who volunteer for at least ten hours receive a t-shirt and a one-month pass that can be used at PDRC. Location: PDRC.

Bronze: Start Here!

This is an introductory class to basic lifeguarding skills and teaching swimming lessons. Participants learn basic emergency lifesaving, maintenance, rescues, backboarding techniques and what it takes to become a lifeguard. If you have participated in our guard start program in the past, you may skip this class and go on to the Silver Class! Prerequisite: Complete the Dolphin swim class or pass a swim test. Age: 10 - 14 years

Silver: More to learn! link

This class teaches you more fitness, sun safety, and nutrition. This class also teaches you more advanced swim lesson techniques. We work on your strokes to make you a better teacher as well as a better swimmer. Prerequisite: Completion of the Bronze class. For ages 9 - 14 years.

Gold: Rising to the Top! link

This class covers the American Red Cross Community CPR and First Aid training. If participants are able to successfully complete all the skills and pass the test, they may become certified. This class also covers additional lifeguarding and teaching techniques including the Water Safety Instructor Aide course, physical fitness through water games and sports, health and nutrition, and sun protection. Participants receive certification upon successful completion of all skills. Prerequisite: Completion of the Silver class. For ages 10 - 15 years.

Aquacise Classes

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