Therapeutic Aquatics

Therapeutic Swim Lessons

This program is designed for the beginning swimmer. Swimming fundamentals and basic strokes are taught working on what the participant can do to swim! All class ratios will be one instructor to max of 3 participants. Age: 3–7 years
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Private Swim Lessons

Private lessons give individuals an opportunity to work in a one-on-one setting with an instructor that fits their needs. All lessons will be 30 minutes in length. Please see our listing on page 13. Additional times and days may be requested. Please contact Stephanie Stearns at or 303.464.5540 for more information.

Water Safety Class Parent-Child

Age: 2–7 years
This program is designed to teach parents and toddlers/children with a disability how to play in the water safely together. Parent participation in the water is required. Learn how to help your child be comfortable in the water, floatation devices information, and ask questions that you may have. Perfect for parent support groups. Please call Dawn Rachjaibun at 303.460.6918 to set up a time for your group or to join a group. Price is $6 resident/$8 non-residents. Fee includes admission to the facility, one or both parents and child.

Also check Broomfield Recreation's Special Olympics Swim Team!