Inmate Information

Inmates in Custody

To find out who is being held at the City and County of Broomfield Detention Center, along with a list of their charges, bond amount, and next court date and time, click here.  Additionally, inmate information can be obtained via the telephone automated voice attendant by calling 720.887.2000.

Establishing Inmate Phone Accounts

Friends and family can establish a phone account for inmate use by contacting Securus on 800.844.6591 or clicking on this link.  Using this service provides a voicemail feature to leave inmate messages.  The inmate phone system does not allow outgoing calls to cellular phones.

Additionally, the facility offers phone cards for purchase with inmate funds.  Detention staff can provide instructions for inmates with credit on their account how to obtain phone cards.

Bonding an Inmate Out Using Cash

$200 Bond Money PhotoIf you are posting an inmate's bond, please have the exact bond amount in cash. Detention Center staff is unable to accept checks or credit cards for bonds, and change is not available. For every bond, there is an additional $10 bond fee charged by the court and a $30 booking fee charged by the Detention Center, each of which must be paid separately in cash. For example, to post a $200 bond, you must bring $200 in cash, along with a separate $10 bond fee and a separate $30 booking fee, also in cash. The bond and bond fee cannot be combined in one cash payment.

Bonding an Inmate Out Using a Credit Card

Broomfield County now accepts credit and debit card payments through AllPaid. Payments can be made with a major credit, debit, or prepaid debit card, including:
Credit Card Images

Payments can be made for:
  • Bonds
  • Bond Fees
  • Detention Fees
To make a payment, you will need the following:
  • Location (Broomfield Police Detention Center) and Location Code (PLC #a003fz)
  • Payment Amount
  • Name of person for whom payment is being paid
The cardholder acknowledges that he/she relinquishes any claim to these funds and understands and agrees that these funds will become the property of the defendant. Furthermore, the cardholder understands that upon disposition of the charges/cases against the defendant, any funds ordered returned by the court will be returned to the defendant and not the cardholder.

Bonding an Inmate Out Using a Bail Bondsman
A licensed bail bondsman may also be used to post an inmate's bond (for a listing of licensed bail bonding agencies, see the Yellow Pages). The bail bondsman will charge you a fee for their service, which is in addition to the bonding fee and booking fee described above.

Inmate Mail
Only letter and legal size envelopes are accepted. The only items that can be sent with inmate letters are photographs printed on photographic paper (no Polaroid photographs). Photocopies of photographs or pictures are not acceptable. Inmates cannot have more than 10 photographs in their cells. Stamps, envelopes, stickers, or phone cards are not accepted. Do not send material printed from the Internet. When mail is rejected, the inmate will receive a written notice stating the reason(s) for the rejection.