Income Based Representation

Income Based/Sliding Scale Criminal Representation

The Colorado Criminal Defense Bar supports every person’s right to legal representation when he/she is accused of a crime. Many hard-working, low-income people fall between indigent and able to afford a criminal defense lawyer. These people still need legal help but are unable to pay normal attorney rates.

The attorneys of the Colorado Criminal Defense Bar (CCDB) have agreed to consider your income circumstances. Depending on your income circumstances, the attorneys below have agreed to offer a schedule of payments rather than requiring advance payment of an entire fee. They have also agreed to consider offering fees that are lower than what they would normally charge.

The attorneys of the Colorado Criminal Defense Bar (CCDB) that have agreed to adjust their normal fees on a sliding scale based on a person’s income. Representation is not guaranteed. Simply because the attorneys have agreed to be included on this list does not mean that they must represent you. Representation is a mutual decision that is left to you and the attorney. In addition, fees, costs, retainers, and conditions of representation are not fixed and vary from one attorney to another. You are encouraged to call several of the lawyers on this list to find someone who is willing to work with you and who you can afford. When you call, BE SURE TO SAY that you obtained his/her name from the CCDB’s Sliding Scale List..

If you are not income-eligible for representation by the Colorado Public Defender’s Office or the Office of the Alternate Defense Counsel but you still need criminal representation feel free to contact one of the attorneys of the Colorado Criminal Defense Bar (CCDB). If you have any general questions about our program, do not hesitate to contact the Colorado Criminal Defense Bar, 1544 Street, Denver, Colorado 80206; 303-758-2454. To locate one or our attorneys in the 17th Judicial District (Adams and Broomfield Counties), please visit our website at