Adult Community Service List

Adult Community Service Locations

The City and County of Broomfield is not associated or affiliated with these organizations and has not screened them for suitability or availability. It is the responsibility of the Defendant to find a suitable non-profit organization and complete community service as required by the Court. 03/04/14

Service Organizations:

A Precious Child, Inc

ARC Thrift Store

Bal Swan Children’s Center
Delois Meyer
Must be 17+ and No Violent Crime

Boulder Humane Society
303.442.4030 x612  

Broomfield Eagles Club
7650 W. 120th Avenue Broomfield, CO

Broomfield Recycle Center
303.438.6329 Contact: Shirley Garcia

Broomfield Parks Department
303.464.5619 Contact: Rich Lozano
303.464.5636 Contact: Brittany O'Donnell
No theft cases

City & County of Broomfield/Facilities Dept
303.438.6209/303.901.5855 Contact: Kim Morse 
Must be 18+ / By appointment only/No drop-ins/No theft or violent crimes 

Erie Chamber of Commerce

FISH Inc of Broomfield
No Violent Crime

Habitat for Humanity Thrift Store
6900 W 117th Ave
Must be 18+

Hospice Care of Broomfield & Boulder Counties Thrift Store
Must be 18+

Mamie Doud Eisenhower Public Library
Broomfield Residents Only
Must be 12+

North Denver Cares
Must be 16+

Rocky Mountain Puppy Rescue
No Sex Offenders, Violent Crime or Animal Abuse

Salvation Army
Must be 18+

Southern Baptist Church Broomfield 303.466.8317 

Broomfield United Methodist Church 303.466.1719 

Calvary Evangelical Free Church 303.466.9750 

Cross of Christ Lutheran Church 303.469.4004 

Faith Bible Chapel 303.424.2121 

Family In Christ 303.466.7770 

Good News Baptist Church 303.469.4457 

Holy Comforter Church 303.466.2667 

Jehovah’s Witness 303.469.2812 

Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints 303.466.3782 

New Heights Christian Fellowship 303.438.7071 

Rocky Mountain Presbyterian Church 303.404.3200 

United Church of Broomfield 303.466.8355