Prairie Dog Conservation and Management

Prairie DogPrairie Dog Management Forms 

Please view the City and County of Broomfield Prairie Dog Conservation and Management Plan to understand in what circumstances the permits below can be used. 

Permit applications are available for: 
Please call 303.438.6216 with any questions about these permits and Broomfield's prairie dog policies.


View the Presentations Given at Past OSTAC Meetings

Staff from Broomfield's Open Space and Trails Department provided a presentation at the March 23, 2017, Open Space and Trails Advisory Committee (OSTAC) meeting. It covers prairie dog policy update, a review of using Great Western Open Space for relocation purposes, and a status report of the Lowell-Midway development project. You may view it as a PDF here. Read the approved minutes of the meeting.

Staff provided an update to the findings/comments at the March 22, 2018 OSTAC meeting. View the presentation as a PDF.