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Please view the City and County of Broomfield Prairie Dog Conservation and Management Plan to understand in what circumstances the permits below can be used. 

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Please call 303.438.6216 with any questions about these permits and Broomfield's prairie dog policies.

Great Western Site Evaluations

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Update on Possible Great Western Open Space Relocation Efforts

May 1, 2017 - Broomfield staff has been working with Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) staff and public health officials to determine the best course of action for the Great Western prairie dog relocation site and the potential for a live relocation of prairie dogs in 2017.

While state and local officials continue to have some concerns about plague activity at the Great Western relocation site, they have also indicated that they would be open to approving a relocation project this fall if their permitting criteria can be met. CPW will not require a one-year waiting period following the plague incident before relocating prairie dogs to Great Western, although it will be necessary that Broomfield dust the site prior to relocation. There will definitely be more details to work out, but Broomfield staff is feeling optimistic about a potential live relocation this fall that could accommodate the current prairie dog colony at Lowell and Midway Boulevards.

CPW officials have also provided recommendations on the dusting plans for the relocation site and have advised Broomfield to wait until the early fall (perhaps a month before the potential relocation) to dust the burrows at Great Western so that the dusting could keep the burrows free of fleas through the fall and spring months and limit the effects to non-target species.

Broomfield staff will also be working on several other fronts to improve the habitat at the Great Western site through the plating of vegetative plots, continued weed removal, and ongoing research on plague prevention, including the possible future participation in a vaccination study. The fine for violating the Prairie Dog Policy is also being reviewed as requested by the Open Space and Trails Advisory Committee (OSTAC).

While there is not a final approved CPW permit yet for the Midway-Lowell colony, Broomfield staff will be working with the developer of the property as they prepare their request for a relocation permit. A full update on this topic is planned for the June OSTAC meeting, which is currently slated for June 22 (may change based on the availability of committee members). The date will be confirmed with interested citizens and the Open Space and Trails B-in-the-Loop subscribers as it gets closer.

Everyone's involvement and assistance on this issue is appreciated.

View the Presentations Given at Recent OSTAC Meetings

Staff from Broomfield's Open Space and Trails Department provided a presentation at the March 23, 2017, Open Space and Trails Advisory Committee (OSTAC) meeting. It covers prairie dog policy update, a review of using Great Western Open Space for relocation purposes, and a status report of the Lowell-Midway development project. You may view it as a PDF here. Read the approved minutes of the meeting.

Staff provided an update to the findings/comments at the March 22, 2018 OSTAC meeting. View the presentation as a PDF.