Materials donated to the library will either be added to the library collections or sold in a book sale.

Acceptable Donations
  • Must be in good condition
  • Hardbacks and paperbacks:
    • Fiction: current adult, young adult, and children's bestsellers; older titles in hardback only
    • Non-Fiction: current titles in all categories
  • Textbooks and computer books: copyright within the last five years
  • Magazines: No older than three months: popular women's, news, science and technology, cooking, crafts, decorating
  • CDs, DVDs, and Audio Books
Unacceptable Donations
  • Poor condition: badly torn, dirty, water-stained, musty, with mildew or mold
  • Readers Digest Condensed Books
  • Encyclopedias
  • National Geographic magazines
  • Old / outdated reference material or technology books
  • Textbooks older than five years
  • Records (LPs, 45s)
  • Cassettes and VHS tapes
Large Donation Items
  • For large donation information, please call 720.887.2340.