What is Early Literacy?


Parents are a child's first and most important teachers. You provide opportunities for learning through everyday experiences with your child - including talking, reading, singing, writing, and playing. Mindful interactions through these experiences help your child develop knowledge about reading, writing, and learning. Your child’s knowledge about the world will also expand the more you read, talk, sing, write and play together. 

There are a variety of early literacy skills you can help your child develop, including vocabulary, letter knowledge, print awareness, print motivation, phonological awareness, and narrative skills. Please see the Broomfield Library Early Literacy Resource Guide.
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How to Help Your Child Learn

Shower your child with love, positive language, and attention to foster his or her learning. Your child needs to feel the safety you offer through caring interactions in order to develop early literacy skills at home before attending school. Practicing early literacy is easy and fun and it doesn't cost any money.

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Early Literacy Helpful Links
To find out more about early literacy and how to develop early literacy skills with your child, click on the following to view a brochure with fun ideas to try with your child: