Is there an app available?

The CodeRED Mobile Alert app provides advanced, real-time, location-specific alerts. You will receive a notification when you are within a geographic proximity to a warning area. For instance, you might be visiting a friend or shopping at a location that is within the warning area. The app will detect your proximity and provide you with the same warning given to those who live and work in that area. The free mobile app is available at the App Store and Google Play. 

Here’s the link: CodeRED-Mobile-Alert-App 

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1. What Alert & Warning System is used in the City & County of Broomfield?
2. What is CodeRED?
3. Is there an app available?
4. How do I register for CodeRED?
5. Who should register for CodeRED?
6. Why is CodeRED important and how will I benefit from this service?
7. Can you register more than one phone and/or address?
8. I have a CenturyLink landline, (or Comcast VoIP line.) Do I need to register my information?
9. How many times will the system attempt to deliver a message?
10. If I have solicitor block on my phone will I receive a message?
11. What happens if my phone is busy when the system is trying to reach me?
12. What should I do if I receive a CodeRED message?
13. Where can I obtain information updates during an incident?
14. Why didn’t I receive a message?
15. How much time does it take to receive a CodeRED notification once it’s launched?
16. Who uses the CodeRED system?
17. Is there a cost to use CodeRED?
18. I don’t have internet access, and would like to register my phone, what should I do?
19. I am having problems updating and/or deleting my account/information, what should I do?
20. What is the difference between an Emergency Notification, General Notification, and Severe Weather Notification?