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Recreation Brochure Mailing List Update

  1. Mailing List Update
    Please complete all fields to add or remove yourself from the Broomfield Recreation Brochure mailing list.
  2. Please note:
    Completing and submitting this form will NOT update your B In The Loop subscriptions. If you would like to start or stop receiving the online version of the brochure in your e-mail inbox, please visit
  3. Do you want to be ADDED or REMOVED from the Broomfield Recreation Services Brochure mailing list?*
  4. FULL Address
    List your address, including unit, apartment, suite, etc. If you are removing your address from the mailing list, please make sure to type the address, AS IT IS PRINTED on the brochure delivered to your house.
  5. If you would like a confirmation that your address has been updated, Please include your e-mail address.
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